Lexy Pakenham-Troth

Sheridan College Film Student

Hey guys! My name is Lexy Pakenham-Troth, and I’m a second year Bachelor of Film and Television student at Sheridan College.

I’ve been passionate about film and videography since a young age.  As I grew a bit older, I started entering my videos in various contests for fun. Throughout high school, I began taking the craft more seriously, filming in my spare time and learning new editing software.

I chose to pursue film in my post-secondary studies because I believe that if a person is truly passionate about their craft, they have the potential to be successful. As of right now, I have a strong interest in film editing. Throughout my time at Sheridan, I plan to gain experience in all areas of film production, narrowing down my preferred area of specialty. I am willing and prepared to work hard into shaping my passion into a career.

↓ Check out some of my work below ↓


September 2017 – Oakville, ON

• Shot on Canon C300 •

Camera and Lighting Assignment One
Patrick York, Steven Flannigan, Kirstin McCutcheon, Sean Shayfer, Tyler Bogaert, Luke Ionico, Steve Bagshaw, Lexy Troth

Head Fer’ Hills Animation

August 2017 – Burlington, ON

• Edited on Adobe After Effects •

New York City

August 2017 – New York City

• Shot on Canon T5i •

Mobile Production Unit Test

May 2017 – Burlington, ON

• Shot on Sony FS7 •

Mission: Hill’s Video is preparing for our expedition across Canada in the upcoming summer months. Our mission is to shoot the MX1 and MX2 Motocross series, which will be broadcast on TSN and FOX. Our hardworking team has been preparing for this series for quite some time, making sure the mobile is ready to go for race time.

We will be travelling to Kamloops, Prince George, Calgary, Regina, Courtland, Ulverton, Truro, Moncton, Deschambault and Barrie to capture these extreme events on camera.

Hill’s Video Productions
2440 Industrial St.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7P 1A5
905 335 1146

Motel N°5

April 2017 – Stoney Creek, ON

• Shot on Canon T5i •

Jeff Knoll – CEO of Film.ca

April 2017 – Oakville, ON

• Shot on Canon C300 •

Interview Assignment for “Introduction to Directing”
Prof. Kathleen Cummins

Monica Meng – Director
Lexy Troth – DOP
Sebastian Blokowski – Sound
Chris Shewchuk – Editor

Before The Show – Directing

April 2017 – Sheridan College

• Shot on Canon C300 •

12 . 21 . 2016

December 2016 – Beamsville, ON
• Shot on Canon T5i •
(Actress: Roosje de Groot)
Audio: Lana Del Rey “Burnt Norton Interlude”

Shot Recreation – Cinematography

November 2016 – Sheridan College

Feedback from Professor John Kneller (Sheridan College)
Incredible work ethic and attention to detail. There were a lot of good things on display in these three short clips. Reminds us of what can be achieved with a combination of a good camera and a serious team willing to put the hours in, that would through all phases of production (pre-production, production, post-production.) To really come up with a successful piece like this you have to be driven through all the phases. As a result you have a piece that has some feeling of production value and is not immediately peggable as being a student film. Just a few things I noted. The focus on staple-head is really shallow depth of field and moves a little in an out of the plane, so a good thing is to light more stop down more and gain yourself the DOF that will give you that little extra bit of leeway. Another thing I noted was that the stapler’s arm was lit and the original and shrouded in darkness in yours. The art direction work was incredible and really made the piece. The make up work was very good, had a professional touch to it. Over-all within the top 5 or 10 from all the years we’ve been doing the exercise, probably ten years, I’ve lost count! Excellent work team!

CRIMSON – Cinematography

October 2016 – Sheridan College
• Shot on Canon C300 Mark II •
Composition and Motion Assignment

Feedback from Professor John Kneller (Sheridan College)
The film had  an interesting atmosphere to it in terms of its Mise-en-scene. Because it presents a fairly surreal and weird scene the audience is intrigued. I think the camera movement worked quite well in your editing, they helped to dynamize the action. I noticed that focus would waver a bit due to shallow DOF on shots where subject to camera distance was changing, as on the hand-held shots. Just another thing the audio switches about ½ way through, the transition is abrupt, smooth it out. Also the ending might have been construed with some more panache, it ends fairly ambiguously. Last critique is on the L-R pan which if you look at it has a lot of motion blur so it would be good to explore using a higher shutter speed on pans of that speed or simply pan slower and not so far. I liked that you presented an artist at their easel but created tension with your moving camera and editing patterns, it worked well with the music. Over-all there was good consistency in the exposure and colour, I liked that the camera was active and engaged, it had a nice flowy feeling to it in terms of movement and editing. Those were the strengths.

Albion Falls

October 2016 – Hamilton, Ontario
• Shot on Canon T5i •

Getting Ready Assignment – Cinematography

September 2016 – Sheridan College
• Shot on Canon C300 Mark II •

Feedback from John Kneller (Sheridan College)
I liked that you opted for exterior locations where you had a lot of open space to work with. The colour quality and exposure were good on the field and then into the woods. I liked the ending shot of the sun through the trees, maybe it could have also been shot that she comes to a stop and looks at that scene through the trees. I would say that the ending seemed a bit abrupt as the piece clocked in at about 38 seconds. So maybe the running shot prior to the “sun thru the trees shot” could be more of an open space longer running shot. Have her running away from camera and winding away in a relatively open cleared forest space then cut to your “sun thru the trees.” There was good care of craft on the project, I noted just a few little focusing issues sporadically. I noted the cutting on the beat of the music, always good to do that, keeps the viewer in the groove. I thought maybe a few cuts were in need of a bit of trimming on the heads and tails, just to keep the action flowing. They were quite minor, the one egregious one was a shot of the subject that starts off out of focus and then “fixes.”

Good work on the project overall, I liked that the film used light and open space.

Summer – Friends – Fun

July 2016 – Ontario
• Shot on iPhone 6 •

Agriplastics – Flex Pen

September 2016 – Grimsby, Ontario
• Shot on Canon T5i •
http://calfhutch.com/ )


February 2016 – Grimsby, Ontario
• Shot on Canon T5i •
(Application Video for Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Film and Television)